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Packing and Cleaning

Getting your old place cleaned out is a key part of moving.

Cleaning out your old place before transitioning to the new one

March 6, 2017

Before you can move into a new place, you’ve got to clean out the old one. This requires a great deal of thoroughness and attention to detail.

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Cleaning out your old place is a key part of the process.

Packing up, cleaning up and ensuring a smooth moving process

February 2, 2017

Moving from one place to another requires having a good strategy in place for cleaning, packing and organising everything as you go.

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What items might you have to move yourself?

4 items that you might need to move yourself

December 6, 2016

While Professional Movers handles most items on your big day, there are a few things you may need to shift on your own – here are some examples.

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