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Getting everything organised for the big move? We can help

Posted on February 6, 2017 in House Moving
Moving into a new home can be a long, complicated process.

Moving to a new home is usually a major, life-changing event, whether it's something you're doing either by yourself or with the entire family. Often, when you're relocating, it's because you've got big plans in life – maybe you're moving to be with your spouse or your children, or to live closer to a new school or job. In any event, it's a big step, and you want to do all the right things to handle it smoothly.

The goal is to organise your move and continue living your life without skipping a beat.

This means you need to be impeccably organised. The goal is to continue living your life without skipping a beat – if you move seamlessly, you won't have to worry about hiccups in your family life or professional life. This can be challenging, though. What are all the components of a smart, well-organised moving process?

At Promovers, we've been through this ordeal more than once or twice. We've uncovered some key insights about how to handle a move smoothly and keep the rest of your life on track for success and happiness.

Getting organised with your possessions

One of the hardest parts of moving into a new place is figuring out all the logistics with your stuff. As you're packing everything up to move, you have to be constantly scrutinising each item – do I need this? Should I give this away? Should I just toss it out?

According to Lifehacker Australia, you can't just make each decision in a vacuum – you have to think carefully about the dimensions of your new place and how each item will fit. If you've got a big couch and you're moving into a smaller apartment, is it wise to bring the old furniture with you? You might have to take some measurements and think critically about what will cross over nicely and what won't.

If you're smart, you'll plan carefully as you're packing up each item. Don't just label boxes by writing what's in them – mark down a specific use and location for everything. This will make the moving process easier if you have exact plans in mind for each thing you move.

Sticking to a reasonable budget

It's not just your stuff and your space that require careful planning when you move. The other element to consider is your budget. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission correctly notes that while moving can often bring more space and greater freedom, it often comes at a steep price. You may need to pay rent for two homes at once, at least briefly, not to mention shelling out money for other necessities like storage space and movers' insurance.

Getting everything organised for the big move? We can helpHow much can you afford to spend on your big move?

Just as you need to carefully plan in advance where your stuff is going, it's equally crucial to have a budget for your move. If you have a set amount that you can afford to spend during the transition, the decision-making process becomes far simpler.

Working with highly skilled removalists

Moving can be challenging, both logistically and financially, but it's far easier when you have professionals on your side who have been through the process before and know what to expect. At Promovers, that's what we're all about. We have all the wisdom and experience needed to be a one-stop shop for your relocation needs.

We also understand that budgeting for a big move can be burdensome. To that end, we offer customisable solutions that are designed to fit anyone's financial needs. Talk to us today about the sort of assistance you need and how we can meet your expectations at the right price. We'll find an agreement that works well for everyone.

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