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Have you thoroughly planned for the logistics of your move?

Posted on January 27, 2017 in House Moving
Packing your things and moving can be a grueling experience.

Typically, moving into a new home is a step that accompanies another major change in your life. Why are you relocating? It might be to live with a spouse or significant other, or to start a family, or to be close to a new job you've just landed. In any event, you're likely going through busy times, and the move is an added wrinkle that makes your life a little more complicated.

Having said that, there are plenty of ways you can simplify things. Most of them involve being a good planner and anticipating all the challenges that will come up along the way, both financial and otherwise.

Have you looked ahead to all the complications that might arise when you're moving?

Have you looked ahead to all the complications that might arise while you're moving? The more issues you can sniff out in advance and plan for, the easier your relocation will ultimately be. Let's take a look at a few common difficulties.

The costs, both ongoing and not

It's the truth, and there's no way around it – moving can be expensive. Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make when planning for a move is underestimating the expenses you will inevitably run up.

As the Australian Securities and Investments Commission points out, there are two different types of costs that come along with a new move. One is the ongoing costs. The rent or mortgage payments on your new place, as well as the costs of insurance, utilities and transportation to and from the place – those are fixed expenses that you'll need to keep paying, month after month.

Unfortunately, one-off costs are also a factor. Do you need to pay an electrician to rewire your new home, or removalists for packing up all your possessions? These might seem like small concerns, but they can add up. It would be a mistake to omit any type of cost, be it ongoing or one-time, when budgeting for your move.

The logistics of moving everything

Even if you're pretty comfortable financially, there are still no guarantees that your move will go smoothly. According to The Huffington Post, the other difficult aspect is making sure you plan out all the logistics involved with moving, including the scheduling of what gets moved when.

Have you thoroughly planned for the logistics of your move?Figure out what items you can move into your new home.

This process begins with cleaning out your old place and doing a thorough inventory. What are you throwing away, and what are you keeping? Among the items you're keeping, how much space will they take up, and how soon will you need them moved into the new place? Figuring out all these details requires looking carefully at the layout of your new residence and determining what will fit where. Unless you're an architect, this might not come naturally to you.

Of course, the final step is the actual physical movement of all your stuff. If this isn't a challenge you're up to by yourself, now's probably the time to reach out to professional movers who can help you out.

Finding the right experts to help

Completing a move without any hangups – budgetary, scheduling-wise or otherwise – is challenging, but there's good news. If you're in the Melbourne area, we can help you out. At Promovers, we have a team of expert removalists who will help make the entire process easier. What you get from us is a one-stop solution for all your moving needs.

Your move might be large or small; you might be moving your home or your place of business. No matter what the project you're dealing with might be, we have the resources to help you out. Just get in touch with us, and we'll be ready to talk you through the details and plan your move to a T.

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