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How to make the big move easier for your kids

Posted on January 2, 2017 in House Moving, Melbourne Removals, Moving Tips
Moving house doesn't have to be hard for the kids.

As you may well know, moving home can be a stressful event. An E. ON survey of 2,000 people who'd moved houses recently, revealed that 63 per cent of respondents called it the most stressful event they'd ever been through. 

If it's stressful for you though, just imagine what it's like for your little ones. They may have to leave behind friends, or if they're really young, they might not fully understand what's going on. Here at Professional Movers making your shift as easy as possible is what we do – so we've whipped up some handy advice to keep your kids happy on the big day.

How to make the big move easier for your kidsMaking moving house as stress free as possible will make the experience better for your kids.

Get them ready

The first step to making the move easier for your kids is to get them ready – let them know what exactly is going on, and why it's happening. If you do this roughly a month out from the move, it'll give them time to process and come to terms with what's going on.

Child-development and behaviour specialist Betsy Brown Braun offered helpful advice on how to broach the topic in comment to

"Make sure you explain that the important things will stay the same, including that everything in the house, especially what's in the child's room, will come with you,"

Lead the way

If you're stressed out and upset, that's exactly what they'll be.

The phrase 'lead by example' is especially true when it comes to helping your children handle a big change. If you're stressed out and upset, that's exactly what they'll be, which is the last thing you want. A crying toddler certainly wont help your stress levels after all. 

Be as organised as you can so that you don't get panicky on the day, and hire furniture removalists in Melbourne to make your life easier. That way you can focus on occupying your kids and making sure they're as happy as can be. 

Relax at the other end

Moving is only as stressful as you make it. Don't rush to get everything packed away the minute you arrive, take a little time to relax. Unpack the TV, settle in on some pillows and watch your favourite family movie, head to the cafe down the road and check out the neighbourhood or just get an early night's sleep.

Whatever you do, take it easy and let your little one's first impression of the new space be a positive one. 

If you need more advice on moving, or an affordable and expert service to help you out, give us a call at Professional Movers today. 

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