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The five best films to watch after moving house

Posted on December 6, 2016 in House Moving, Melbourne Removals, Removal Services
Movies can be a great way to relax after a move.

We all know moving can be a little stressful. It can be especially tough for the kids, so making the process as smooth and easy as possible is in everyone's best interest. Our team of professional removalists are the perfect people to help make sure your relocation off without a hitch, but what about when it comes time to relax, before during and after the move?

The following films about moving are great for the kids, and will offer a brilliant way to wind down from the chaos of the big day. Here are the five best films about moving house.

Toy Story

This trilogy are all modern animated classics, but the first is our favourite, telling the tale of a young boy named Andy and what happens when his toys get lost in the move. Your kids have almost certainly already seen this, but watching Woody and Buzz fight to get back to Andy after getting lost off the back of the moving truck will certainly spark their imaginations. 

It's no wonder Toy Story did so well at the Australian Box office – Roy Morgan Research shows almost a seventh of the country moved house in 2014, so its themes are relatable to many of us. 

The five best films to watch after moving houseThese films will help your kids relax and see the fun side of moving.

Home Alone

Home Alone, the story of little Kevin being forgotten at home while his family jets off to Paris, is all about growing up, change and being independent. The kids will no doubt be imagining all the dozen-scoop ice-cream Sundays they'd eat if you left them behind on the move, and you'll enjoy a little nostalgia watching this early 90's classic. 

Home Alone 2 is the pick of the bunch – it's a great way to show your kids that a change can be fun, softening the blow of the move. 

Spirited Away

Almost a seventh of the country moved house in 2014.

To your kids the move wont feel like a hop, skip and a jump across Melbourne. Instead it'll resemble an epic journey and a massive change from the routine that they're used to. Watch Spirited Away afterwards and they'll definitely relate. 

It's the story of 10 year old Chihiro moving home with her parents, and the misadventures that occur on her first week in the new house. It's a bizarre yet endlessly entertaining film, with themes of accepting change, growing up and leaving an old life behind, that are great lesson for your kids after relocating.

Directed by Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki, this is a unique classic. 


Few things will pull your heart strings more than the opening scenes of Up and the following story of redemption. This is the tale of Carl, an old man who attempts to relocate his home to the island his late wife always dreamed of visiting by tying balloons to its roof and flying. Boy Scout, Russell, accidentally tags along and their journey through the skies in a levitating house is incredibly entertaining. 

Showing a fun, adventurous and zany side of moving, this is a film that will help your kids come to terms with their new home.

The five best films to watch after moving housePutting a film on is a great way to wind down after a stressful move.

Money Pit

This easy-going 80's rom-com tells the story of Walter and Anna moving into a stately old mansion in need of thousands of dollars worth of renovations. Things get tense as they pour more and more money into fixing the home, and relationships are tested.

Watching the debacles a young Tom Hanks gets into will make you feel better about your move, no matter how tough it was.

If you want to make sure your move is as easy as pressing play, give the experienced team at Professional Movers a call. We know how tough the big move can be for you and your kids, and we do all we can to make it go smoothly. 

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