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What can go wrong when moving home?

Posted on November 16, 2016 in House Moving, Melbourne Removals, Removal Services
What could possibly go wrong moving house by yourself?

Moving home can be an incredibly stressful experience. If you handle moving in Melbourne by yourself and everything goes pear shaped, it's likely to be even worse. You may even have to take extra days off work to get your home sorted out, by which time you'll be ruing the day you decided to move. 

To paint a picture, here are just three things that could go wrong with your move if you tackle the challenge yourself instead of hiring professionals. 

Unfortunate accidents

If you move without the help of a professional you'll have to rent a truck or trailer and drive it yourself, a prospect that is probably rather daunting for a large proportion of Melburnians. Traffic Accident Commission data shows that 16 per cent of drivers in Victoria have been in an accident in the last five years. In charge of an unfamiliar vehicle your chances of getting into an accident may be even higher.

What can go wrong when moving home?The last thing you need when moving house is an unfortunate accident.

If you damage your possessions during a crash, this could obviously be quite costly, not to mention hard on the stress levels and dangerous. You might even have to pay extra fees to your vehicle rental company so that they can claim insurance for any damage you might have caused. 

Lost possessions

Becoming Minimalist states that the average household has up to 300,000 items. Considering those numbers it's understandable that when moving home losing an item or two is something that is quite likely to happen. 

You may not care if something small gets lost in transit, but losing things like jewelry, family heirlooms and passports will certainly be cause for concern. Hire local Melbourne professional removalists and you can be confident that all of your precious items will show up at the other end safe and sound. 

Time off work

Run into problems and your move could take an extra day or two, forcing you to take extra leave.

If you're like most working Australians you've only got 4 weeks of annual leave to use. Run into problems and your move could take an extra day or two, forcing you to take extra leave and eating into your yearly allocation. 

The last thing you need when moving is to lose your valuable vacation time and extend the stress of moving over several days. The experienced team at Professional Movers have moved a couch or two in the past, and can make sure that your move is as issue-free and quick as possible. 

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