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Do you have insurance to protect your possessions while you’re moving?

Posted on March 6, 2017 in Insurance
Get an insurance policy that will protect your possessions.

You've probably spent your whole life accumulating various possessions and collecting them in your home. Whether you fancy books, clothing, electronics, jewelry, tools or anything else, we all have stockpiles of stuff that we hold dear. When it comes time to move it all, the transition can be a hassle.

Have you considered buying insurance policies for protecting your things during your big move?

With this in mind, it makes sense to have a little protection. Have you considered buying insurance policies to cover your big move? It's always stressful relocating to somewhere new, but having insurance can at least let you sleep a little easier. If anything happens to your stuff, you won't be out of luck financially.

A lot of people have insurance for their possessions, but not necessarily while they move. This can be when you're at your most vulnerable.

Home insurance alone won't cut it

The idea of having insurance for your things is nothing new, but a lot of people overlook their moving period in particular. According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, a lot of families purchase home and contents insurance while they're living in a given residence, which protects them against their possessions being destroyed. These policies cease to cover them once they move, however.

You can have insurance for one home and for the other – but what about the gap in between? This is where there's a blind spot that exposes a lot of people to financial risk.

Be protected if something goes wrong

A lot of people are unaware that this is even an issue. recently noted that this is a common misconception – people believe their belongings are automatically covered by home insurance, even if they move someplace new. In reality, you need a separate policy that specifically covers the moving period.

Do you have insurance to protect your possessions while youre moving?If your moving van has a collision, you could have real trouble.

A lot can happen while you're moving from one place to another. The vehicle used to transport your stuff could be affected by fire, flood, collision or any one of many other possibilities. A good insurance policy makes it so you can survive any such scenario.

Get consummate professionals to guide your move

A lot can go wrong when you're moving into a new place, which is why it's such a good idea to pursue insurance options. Another worthwhile idea is to find the best possible removalists, thus minimising the risk of something going awry.

At Promovers, we have a team of people who are professional and highly reliable. No one wants their moving van to crash or for their things to be damaged or lost, and luckily, if you have the right movers, they likely won't be. A strong removalist team, in conjunction with a good insurance policy, will give you multiple lines of defense.

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