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Moving to Victoria? Keep the process speedy and efficient

Posted on February 19, 2017 in Melbourne Removals
Organise all those boxes well for the big move.

Whenever you make the decision to move to a new place, time is of the essence. You're not just moving for no reason – you're doing it because you're in a rush to start a new life. You're excited about living with a spouse or significant other, or raising a child, or starting a new job. Perhaps some combination of the above. In any event, you'll want to hurry up and finish moving so you can focus on life.

Whenever you make the decision to move to a new place, time is of the essence.

If you're moving to Victoria this year, we want to make sure your transition happens in a smooth and timely fashion. To this end, we've prepared a few tips which should help guide you along.

Saying goodbye to the old place, hello to the new

If you're moving into a new residence in Victoria, you probably have to balance two priorities at once – moving out of your old place, and transitioning to your new one. According to the Department of Human Services, it's important not to neglect that first step. Your old house should be clean, and any utilities like gas and water should be shut off. You want to leave the next residents with a clean slate.

Then, moving into your new place, you'll need to set up that whole infrastructure again. This means arranging for utilities, setting up phone and internet and getting mail redirected to your new address.

Know when and where you're moving everything

One of the best ways to maintain continuity as you move is to have a really good handle on specifically what you're moving, where and when. PopSugar advises separating your things into two categories – basic items you'll need to unpack immediately, such as your clothes to wear during the first few days, and more long-term needs.

Moving to Victoria? Keep the process speedy and efficientConsider packing your more immediate needs, like clothing, separately.

As for the long-term stuff, the more organised the better. Consider color-coding boxes – you can put everything that belongs in a certain room into one colored category, or break things down into different types like books, clothes and kitchen supplies.

Hire removalists if the job gets difficult

If you come to realise that your moving project is just too big and complex to tackle yourself, that's OK. Fortunately, you can reach out to expert removalists who will help you transport all your things in a quick and painless fashion.

Whether you're looking to move a few things from a small apartment or all your earthly possessions into a giant mansion, we are available to assist with jobs of all shapes and sizes. Just contact us today and find out how we can help.

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