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4 items that you might need to move yourself

Posted on December 6, 2016 in Moving Tips, Packing and Cleaning, Removal Services
What items might you have to move yourself?

Moving house is a big deal. We know that better than nearly everyone, helping Melburnians change addresses every week of the year.

One Australian Bureau of Statistics Survey on moving house found that in the last five years, 43 per cent of us had changed addresses. Considering how many of us then need to think about moving everything but the kitchen sink (and sometimes even the sink comes with you), it's totally understandable that we get a few things wrong here and there.

Something you can keep an eye on ahead of your move is the items that you might have to pack up and move yourself. As the Australian Furniture Removalists Association (AFRA) points out, there are a few of these to write down and put in your boot.

1) BBQ gas cylinders

If you're moving house this spring or summer, you won't want to forget the BBQ – especially if you're heading to a place with a decent backyard. However, gas cylinders that come with the BBQs might have to be shifted by yourself.

4 items that you might need to move yourselfYour BBQ's gas cylinder might has to travel with you.

That is, unless the cylinder is purged. AFRA states that a removalist can't carry a gas cylinder unless it has a certificate from a Standards Australia test station which definitively says the purging has happened. Even if you're moving it yourself, you might want to get this done – it's a safe way to make sure your summer BBQs continue.

2) Animals

Have you got a furry or scaly friend at home? According to the Australian Veterinary Association, our pet ownership looked a bit like this broken down in 2013:

  • 39 per cent of households had a dog
  • 29 per cent had a cat
  • We had 10.7 million fish across all households
  • There were 4.8 million birds, and a further 2.2 million small reptiles

That's enough animals to fill an ark – but even one animal is too many for a Melbourne removalist to legally carry. AFRA points out that all animals should be transported to your new home by other means.

3) Dangerous chemicals

You might not think of your home as a stronghold of dangerous chemicals – but you'd be surprised.

You might not think of your home as a stronghold of dangerous chemicals – but you'd be surprised. Dangerous liquids that are often forgotten include petrol or lawnmower fuel, pool chemicals, even certain cleaning products if they are toxic.

There could be cases in which these can be transported, but AFRA recommends against it. Give us a call if you're worried that we won't be able to transport any of these. Remember that you might also need to steam clean lawnmowers or other equipment that initially contained petrol or fuel.

4) The kids

Moving is a stressful time for everyone – especially the little ones that might not understand what's going on. While that can be frustrating for even the most patient of parents, we're sorry to say that we won't be moving your children for you. However, we're sure they will love their new home once we quickly and professionally move all their toys and furniture into it.

Obviously we're being a bit tongue-in-cheek with this one, but just thought you should know what we can and can't do.

How to be prepared

It's a great idea to take stock of everything in your home before the moving day. Identify any items that we might not move, and get in touch to see if there's any way we can transport them. Even if we can't find the solution for you, you'll be prepared for making alternate arrangements.

Don't let moving day be a stressful drag – give Professional Movers a call. Our well-oiled team can get almost everything you own from A to B with minimum fuss.

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