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Are you considering relocating to take a new job?

Posted on January 27, 2017 in Moving Tips
Is a new office beckoning you to move far away?

Consider this scenario: You spend months and months looking for the perfect new job – one that offers you challenging and fulfilling work while also giving you the chance to support yourself and your family. After a seemingly endless search, you finally get your big break. There's just one problem: It's all the way across the country. Taking this new position would require uprooting your whole life and moving.

Moving far away is a scary proposition, but for the right job, it's often worth doing.

Do you do it?

For many Australians every year, the answer is yes. Moving far away is a scary proposition, but for the right job, it's often worth doing. If you're considering such a decision, you should be sure to think about the pros and cons of relocating, as well as all the logistics you'll need to plan if you say yes.

Australia encourages moving for the right job

The idea of moving to take a new job might sound daunting on the face of it, but here's what's interesting – in Australia, it's actually strongly encouraged. According to the Department of Employment, the federal government offers substantial payments of "relocation assistance" money for people who are interested in moving for new positions.

Everyone benefits from this arrangement. For Australia, it's a way of forging economic stability. If unemployment rates are high in one part of the country but low in another, it's worth the investment to move people to new locations where they can be more productive members of society. As for you, the worker? The benefits are many.

Moving to take a new job is a way to pursue more career fulfillment, a bigger paycheck and a chance to better provide for yourself and your family. It might be scary to pick up your entire life and relocate, but it's also a great opportunity. You have to at least consider it.

Weighing all the important factors

Having the chance to move for a new job is always exciting, but the decision is rarely easy. Making these sorts of decisions requires weighing a lot of complicating factors, many of which can conflict with one another.

Are you considering relocating to take a new job?Consider how a move will affect your family.

US News and World Report advises that probably the most important consideration is how making a move will affect your family and relationships. If you're single and in your 20s, moving is relatively easy. However, if you're a bit older and have a spouse and/or children, you have to consider their needs as well.

In addition, you probably don't want to move unless the job you're pursuing is one that's stable and reliable. A real position with an established company is one thing; a tentative role with a fledgling startup is quite another. No one wants to move across the country for a job and then find out after six months that it's not working out.

Finally, there's the added wrinkle of planning your move itself. How will you pack up your things? What mode(s) of transportation will you use? Do you have a budget in mind? Figuring out these logistics early can save you a whole lot of headaches later.

Get help with the move if you need it

If you do decide to commit to a major relocation for a job, you'll need well-trained professionals to help you with packing up your things and moving. For that, it's hard to do better than Promovers. We have a team of experts who are more than ready to pitch in.

We can offer a wide range of services to make your move easy. This includes everything from packing to transporting items to putting things in storage when necessary. Whatever you need to make the process go smoothly, we're available to take care of it.

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