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Looking for a job in Melbourne? You might find it challenging

Posted on March 1, 2017 in Moving Tips
Make connections with people who can suggest job openings in Melbourne.

Many individuals move to Melbourne because they've got a job lined up here already. That's usually the order of operations – you apply for work, you find an opportunity here and you relocate to be closer to the new job. That's not the case for everyone, though.

Melbourne has plenty of jobs to offer, but you have to be creative about pursuing them.

Some people come to Melbourne still looking for employment. Are you one of them? Perhaps you relocated to be closer to a spouse, significant other or other family members. Maybe you came here for personal reasons, and the job situation is secondary. Or possibly, you just figured you'd find a job here eventually, so you came here before landing one. After all, in a city of over 4 million people, there should be no shortage of opportunities.

It's true that Melbourne has plenty of jobs to offer, but you have to be creative about pursuing them. The following is a guide to finding opportunities and landing the position of your dreams.

The job landscape here can be tricky

It's always daunting to arrive in a new city and look for work if you're unfamiliar with the job market. This is especially true in the Melbourne area, though. According to Live in Victoria, it's tricky to find employment around here because a lot of the jobs that are available these days aren't openly advertised the way people are used to.

It makes sense to begin your job search by looking in the traditional places. By all means, it pays to peruse advertisements in newspapers and look at job sites that may be able to point you in the direction of intriguing work opportunities. But those places are just a starting point, and you probably won't go far unless you dig deeper.

In a market like Melbourne's that's hard to penetrate, you'll need to dig into your personal network of contacts. Ask friends, and friends of friends, if they know anyone who can get you an inside track on a job you might not find otherwise. Additionally, consider meeting with recruitment agencies that might have specialised knowledge of the industry you're trying to crack into.

Finding the "hidden market" beneath the surface

The job opportunities available via the traditional channels might be enough for some, but for most people, it's necessary to look closer and find the "hidden market" for jobs that aren't listed in the usual places. Business Insider advises that the best way to do this is to craft a reputation for yourself as a thought leader that key people will want to talk to. If you're able to network with people and trade intel on where your industry is going, your connections will be more likely to mention job openings to you.

Looking for a job in Melbourne? You might find it challengingMeet with people for coffee and talk about possible job openings.

LinkedIn is definitely one channel that's useful for this. In addition, you should always keep an eye out for opportunities to have phone calls or coffee meetings with people who might be influential for you. There are plenty of ways to angle for a job, and you should be open to all of them.

Start by making the moving part easy

It's challenging to be handling two major hurdles at once – finding a job, and successfully making the move to a big city like Melbourne. For overcoming the latter challenge, it's advisable to partner with expert removalists who can help make relocating easy.

By working with us at Promovers, you can make the whole process far less stressful. While we handle all the logistical issues with moving you to a new place, you'll be free to focus on finding a job and getting your career moving in the right direction.

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