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Do you have insurance to protect your possessions while you’re moving?

You’ve probably spent your whole life accumulating various possessions and collecting them in your home. Whether you fancy books, clothing, electronics, jewelry, tools or anything else, we all have stockpiles of stuff that we hold dear. When it comes time to move it all, the transition can be a hassle. With this in mind, it · · ·

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How will you adjust to the steep cost of living in Melbourne?

Moving to Melbourne is an exciting life change for anyone. No matter why you’re going – be it for a job, a change in your personal life or anything else – arriving in the big city brings a wide range of new possibilities. There will be countless new places to see, people to meet and · · ·

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Putting some of your things in storage might be necessary when moving 726 6051011 0 14109718 1000
Will you need to put some of your stuff in storage when moving?

When you’re moving from your old place into a new one, the ideal outcome is that all the possessions you had before will transfer perfectly from Home A to Home B. You want all your old furniture, appliances and decorations to fit well and look nice in their new setting. Sometimes this works out; other · · ·

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Are you moving to Melbourne, or considering a more suburban locale?

It’s easy to become enamoured with the idea of moving to Melbourne. After all, it’s big city with a vibrant culture and a bustling economy. There’s a little something for everyone here, so it’s not surprising that so many people relocate every year to live here. Having said that, moving directly to the city isn’t · · ·

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Write a plan that maps out all the details of your move 726 6053082 0 14103858 1000
Have you fully planned for your upcoming move?

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to move house, you’ll probably

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I wanted to thank your ProMovers very much, they worked very hard and were very professional all day. I will definitely use you for my next move.


I am writing to inform you that ProMovers who helped me with my recent move have been great and professional and I would like to thank them for their great services. I will be asking for their services again in my next move.


We have a long-term relationship with ProMovers and their work speaks for itself. Highly recommend them.

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