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A piano is more than just a piece of furniture; it’s a complex, valuable instrument that requires considerable care to handle properly. Your standard piano is incredibly heavy, yet delicately fragile, and not every removalist is going to have the skills, experience and knowledge to move one safely. That’s why people across Victoria come to ProMovers for their piano moving needs.


As experienced piano movers in Melbourne, we understand the amount of trust that is put in us when we are tasked with delivering a piano to its new home. So, we are dedicated to putting in the highest amount of care to ensure that trust is earned time and time again. Whether you’re moving a grand piano, an upright piano, or even a digital piano, we will show the same level of professionalism in ensuring that it makes it to its new home safely.


What Do We Use For Moving Pianos in Melbourne?


As with any large moving job, especially one that can be as sensitive as moving pianos, there are always going to be requirements for making sure that the process is taken on as safely and carefully as possible. So, in terms of special considerations for moving pianos, here are just a few of the things that need to be taken into account:


Using the Right Piano Trolleys


Naturally, the right trolleys and ramps need to be used to keep a piano protected. Our movers know that lifting and carrying pianos should be avoided wherever and whenever possible, so when a piano moving job comes up, trolleys are always going to be utilised to avoid damage and/or injury.


Removing All Obstacles


When you’re preparing for your piano to be moved, it’s important that you let the movers know ahead of time if there are any obstacles that are going to potentially complicate the move. Furniture can be moved to the side but in terms of stairs and other complicating factors, the correct number of ramps and pads need to be brought to compensate.


Remembering to Lock the Piano Lid


If you’re trying to avoid any damage to your piano while working with piano movers, then you need to make sure that you have locked the piano’s lid. Otherwise, we cannot ensure that damage caused by the open lid will be fully avoidable.


Adding Non-Slip Covers


Before the piano movers can do their job, the piano needs to be packed using non-slip covers. Their edges underneath the instruments need to be folded and secured with moving cords.


Assembling & Reassembling


Grand pianos require a special Plinth baseboard and there is a correct process to disassemble keyboard covers, pedals, lids, music boards and legs. Each must be removed, protected and coded and reassembled in the correct order. And finally,


Tuning the Piano


No matter how careful you are, the differences in atmospheric pressure and humidity that come with moving a piano will almost certainly detune it. So, it’s best to organise for it to be tuned as soon as possible, especially if you require it to be in full working order.


Melbourne Piano Storage


Every situation is different when it comes to a move, and sometimes, you need something out of a space before you have a place for it to go. If you’ve contacted piano movers in Melbourne, but don’t know where or when you’ll have space for such a large item, don’t worry. We at ProMovers have short and long-term Melbourne piano storage options. So, speak to one of our friendly removalists and we will be able to talk you through the process.


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