Stress-Free and Affordable Piano Removals


A piano is just not like any other piece of furniture. For many homeowners, a piano is one of their most valuable possessions. Pianos are heavy yet fragile. Moving pianos demand a great deal of knowledge and technique.


If you need to move your piano, be careful while choosing your piano mover as you have a large investment there. You just can’t trust to an amateur mover to move this beautiful and delicate instrument worth thousands of dollars.


We at, Pro Movers, understand the financial and sentimental value of owning a piano. Whether you own an upright piano, grand piano, digital piano or baby grand piano, we can move them all.


Our piano movers are equipped with the specialised equipment, knowledge & experience to safely handle and relocate all kinds of pianos.


Our Special Considerations for Moving Pianos


  • Use Trolleys: Pianos need to be protected therefore the correct trolleys and ramps should be provided for piano removals. Our piano movers do not lift Piano’s, they use trollies.
  • Remove Obstacles: It is essential to move any furniture or obstacles out of the moving path. Also, you need to describe the number of stairs to our piano movers, so that we can bring the necessary ramps and pads.
  • Lock the Lid: Don’t leave the lid unlocked. It can damage the keys of the piano.
  • Non-slip Covers: The piano needs to be packed using non-slip covers. Their edges underneath the instruments need to be folded and secured with moving cords.
  • Assembling & Reassembling: Grand pianos require a special Plinth baseboard and there is a correct process to disassemble keyboard covers, pedals, lids, music boards and legs. Each must be removed, protected and coded and reassembled in the correct order.
  • Tune the Piano: Last but not the least; don’t forget to tune the piano after moving. The difference in the atmospheric pressure and humidity can detune the piano.

Need to Store Your Piano?

Don’t you have the necessary space to store your piano? Do you want to temporarily relocate your piano to a safe location? We can provide you with long-term and short-term secure storage options for you.


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