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ProMovers hold a prominent place for Victorians as one of the most reliable moving companies for residential and commercial properties. Our removalists in Caulfield and Caulfield North have operated in the community for decades, earning this reputation through many successful moves. If you were planning to move and dread the planning and activity that comes with it, it might be time to call prior movers so that they can take this song and ensure a smooth move.

If your move is taking you interstate or overseas, your local Caulfield removalist can work with you on the logistics coordination so that all your belongings arrive where you need them to when you need them to. Whether are you are moving to Sydney for Paris, there can be quite a lot involved in an interstate or overseas move, but you don’t have to do it alone! Working with ProMovers gives you access to the expertise of our Caulfield removalists, all the packaging and moving equipment you need for a long transit, and the relevant documentation required. We can’t wait to hear where you are going and how we can assist.

Don’t find out the hard way just how big the difference is between a cheap mover and a reliable mover, as you might end up paying far more than you expect. ProMovers has liability insurance which means your belongings and furniture are covered in the unlikely event that they are damaged or lost. Having only made a handful of claims over the years, you can count on your Caulfield removalists to get your belongings safely to their new address. Don’t task hour friends and family with this important task, and find out why ProMovers services a number of repeats and referred clients who have been happy with the results of past moves. You might even find our partnerships with storage solutions and construction companies to be convenient if your move involves a renovation.

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Melbourne Movers

Experienced and Trained Caulfield & Caulfield North Movers at Your Service

Operating across Melbourne servicing residential and commercial properties, our experienced team have become an invaluable part of the Caulfield community. Our comprehensive liability insurance and professionalism gives our clients and customers total peace of mind that they can outsource the move to ProMovers and not have to think about it thereafter. You won’t find a scrappy or outsourced operation here, but rather dedicated service staff to plan your move and answer your call inquiries, and a diligent team of movers in Caulfield who will handle your belongings with the utmost respect.

If you require a removalist in Caulfield or Caulfield North, here is what you can expect from Melbourne movers:

Melbourne Movers
  • 25 years of experience moving in Phillip Island and Melbourne
  • Fully insured to cover property loss or damage
  • Fixed prices
  • Big and small moves
  • Professional and friendly removalists
  • Moving boxes for any item
  • Local, interstate and country moves

Melbourne Movers

Is Your Office Moving in Caulfied North? We Can Help!

Caulfield and Caulfield North have a thriving business community, made up of office buildings and boutique office suites. Prior movers have had a fortune of working with some of these fantastic businesses to relocate them to other parts of Melbourne, interstate, and even overseas. Given the bulky and expensive nature of office equipment and furniture, working with a professional removalist in Caulfield North and Caulfield is an absolute essential. There are so many factors to consider when relocating your office, and your employees are going to need present management through this adjustment. Our friendly and responsive service team can liaise and coordinate your move so that all you have to do is support your staff and arrive at your new office location.

Whether your business is small or large, your removalist in Caulfield will be able to ensure this is a frictionless and prompt activity. We have the repeat business and testimonials to prove it!

Melbourne Movers

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