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Moving Insurance

Professional Movers Melbourne is one of the renowned firms in Australia, which offers moving insurance to cover all your belongings or possessions when you decide to move them to your new location.

Why do you require an office or a home moving insurance?

More often than not, we wonder that whether an office or a home moving insurance is really worth it or not. This is because professional moving firms do take each and every step that is necessary to make sure that all your good reach your new destination without any damage.

But despite all the precautionary measures taken by a firm while handling and transporting your belongings, your belongings might get damaged or lost during the transition owing to some unforeseen and accidental instances. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to ask a firm whether or not they offer moving insurance like furniture removal insurance from their doorstep.

While certain firms offer full replacement of your goods against accidental damage (natural calamities, crash et al) or theft while moving your home, others tend to have a different take. All in all, you get an instant cover for your loss by opting for insurance.

We at Professional Movers, Melbourne arrange an insurance cover of up to $150,000.00, under a standard carriers’ limited liability insurance. Moreover, we also provide them a $500 extra for any claim brought forth. To ensure that all your belongings get the right cover, we have a team of courteous and amicable staff, who are always at your service.

Find out more about the removals insurance provided by us by contacting us right away. We will be glad to help you out.