Will you need to put some of your stuff in storage when moving?

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When you’re moving from your old place into a new one, the ideal outcome is that all the possessions you had before will transfer perfectly from Home A to Home B. You want all your old furniture, appliances and decorations to fit well and look nice in their new setting. Sometimes this works out; other times, there are little snags in the process. You might have too much stuff, or it might not fit exactly right.

Have you considered how putting some of your possessions into storage might benefit you?

When this happens, what’s your plan? For most people, it’s to take some of their possessions and put them in storage. This way, they’re not cluttering up the new house now, but they’re still available later if they’re needed for whatever reason. Have you considered how storage might benefit you?

Facing the “double trouble” phenomenon

No one plans on having too much stuff on their hands to fit in their new place, but sometimes these things happen accidentally. According to research from National Storage, one common reason for this is the “double trouble” phenomenon – what happens is two people move into a home together, and they each bring their own copy of everything. The result is two couches, two televisions, two coffee makers and so on.

The best way to deal with this is by compromising – each person gets to bring some of their things to the new place, but not others. This usually results in a lot of stuff being left over, which is where storage comes in.

Finding the right storage option for you

There are plenty of places, across Melbourne and elsewhere, that can offer you room to store your stuff. Choosing the right one can be tricky. The Australian Furniture Removers Association advises finding a storage location that’s economical and offers just the right amount of space for your biggest and bulkiest items (beds, couches) at a minimal cost. It’s worth shopping around to find the best one.

Will you need to put some of your stuff in storage when moving?Make sure you have a plan for big, bulky items like couches.
It’s also worth paying for highly skilled removalists who will help you transition your things into storage painlessly.

Enlisting expert removalists to help

Moving can be a stressful experience, so any step you can take to mitigate that stress and ensure things go smoothly is beneficial. One such step is to partner with us at ProMovers. We have a team of people here who can offer great service at affordable prices.

Whenever you’re moving your possessions anywhere, be it a new home or a storage locker, you want them to be safe, secure and looked after with care. At ProMovers, we can guarantee that, which should help make your next move as easy as possible.

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