How will you adjust to the steep cost of living in Melbourne?

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Moving to Melbourne is an exciting life change for anyone. No matter why you’re going – be it for a job, a change in your personal life or anything else – arriving in the big city brings a wide range of new possibilities. There will be countless new places to see, people to meet and things to experience.

Unfortunately, there will also be steep costs. Melbourne is known for being one of the most expensive places to live in Australia. If you’re lucky, you’re moving here with a job that pays better than your previous one, so you can afford to spend a little extra as well. But even if that’s the case, it still might not be easy to make ends meet.

Are you fully prepared for all the costs that lie ahead – and have you considered modifying your spending habits to adjust for them? You may find that to be necessary

Bracing yourself for big expenses

Live In Victoria, the cost of living in the city is significantly higher than in other parts of the state. Even compared to other relatively large cities, such as Geelong or Ballarat, life in Melbourne is significantly pricier. These increased costs are visible across the board:

Shopping: Simple purchases like clothing and footwear will set you back more in Melbourne.
Education: If you want to put your children through elite private schools, you’ll have to pay much more.
Food: Whether you stay in or go out, grocery stores and restaurants alike will both charge more in Melbourne than elsewhere.
Transportation: Taking trains and buses is fairly convenient once you get the hang of it, but also not cheap.
The high costs of life in Melbourne are difficult to avoid, since they include basic expenditures that everyone needs. You’ll need to think creatively if you want to maintain fiscal responsibility.

Changing your spending habits accordingly

Living in Melbourne might be expensive, but it’s also worth it. And if you think critically about how to get by from day to day, there are ways you can make ends meet money-wise. has recommended a few strategies that can help in this regard.

Learning to shop for groceries and cook meals at home rather than going out is a big one. Because restaurants are one of the key drivers behind Melbourne’s high cost of living, avoiding excessive meals out is key for anyone who’s trying to tighten the purse strings.

Similarly, holding social events at home is a growing trend in Melbourne. Because bars and nightclubs can be prohibitively expensive for those who like to go out and socialise often, it’s becoming more common for groups of friends to congregate in each other’s homes. This can be a money-saver and a friendship-building experience alike.

Getting good, affordable help from removalists

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